Hurt Squirrels
What's Happening, Hot Stuff?
6/8/2001 11:27 PM
Why the hell are there out of print DVDs? I mean, the format is only, what, four or five years old, tops? What is the reasoning behind this? Money, I imagine.

I got in my head recently that I needed a copy of "Sixteen Candles," a favorite from my teen years. After a few casual trips to various video stores, I noticed a trend. A lack of "Sixteen Candles." Acting on a hunch, I took a quick surf over to Amazon and confirmed my suspicions. "Sixteen Candles" was currently out of print and they did not know when to expect more. The hell?

I went through this a few months ago with "Monty Python and the Meaning of Life." After a couple unsuccessful attempts to order it online from sites that seemed kind of shady to me, I happened to stumble across a copy at Suncoast. Weird. Suddenly they're NOT out of print? But hey, it was only ten bucks, so I'm not complaining.

I though I had pulled off another successful coup last week with "Sixteen Candles." I went to Border's to find a copy of "The Hidden Fortress" (see it, it's cool) and on a hunch, I decided to check for my current Holy Grail. Woo hoo! They had it! AND only ten bucks. Cool beans. I instantly snapped it up and headed home.

Since I have a habit of buying DVDs faster than I can watch them, it sat around for a week, which is much shorter than usual. I finally got around to opening it up, eagerly anticipating some pre-sucky John Hughes fun only to find the disc enclosed in my precious "Sixteen Candles" box was..."Flash Gordon." What the fuck? To add insult to injury, I already own a copy of "Flash Gordon."

So, I took it back and of course, they didn't have any more in stock. They did, however, order me a copy, but I'm not exactly holding my breath. A quick check of eBay reveals that there are several copies available, at a reasonable price. A little more than ten bucks, but I was ready to pay twenty-five anyway. If I don't hear back from the good folks at Border's in a week or two, it'll be time for a little online bidding.

Don't try and outbid me, okay

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