Hurt Squirrels
Life Imitates Art
12/25/2007 1:19 AM
I got a flat on my way over to my mom's house for Christmas eve. As I was doing the tire transplant, I dropped a couple of lug nuts and they started to roll away. Without even thinking, I muttered "Oh fudge...." Luckily, the Old Man wasn't around to hear it.

My Very First LOLcat
12/23/2007 11:08 PM

I've created my very first LOLcat featuring my neurotic cat, Mite. For some reason, he felt like sitting around with his tongue sticking out. Hilarity ensued.

iHop: 2004-2007
10/2/2007 10:42 PM
Sad iPod Well, the poor li'l iPod's time has come. After a year of hard drive problems, it finally gave up for good. Not a bad run, considering how much I used the bugger. Plus, despite all the bad press Apple has gotten over battery life, iHop was still chugging along for about eight hours on one charge up to the end.

It's a shame I have to put it to rest, but I've been wanting a larger one for a while now. I'm happy it died doing what it loved best instead of wasting away in a drawer somewhere. A hero's death. Guess I'm off to the Apple store.

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