Hurt Squirrels
Poor Li'l iPod
6/23/2006 2:18 PM
My Precious is slowly dying a premature death. When I try to connect it to the computer, I'm greeted with ominous clicking noises and not the happy syncing I'm expecting. I know enough about hard drives to know this is a Bad Thing. I had really hoped it would live long enough for Apple to release an 80GB model, because I have too much damn music.

I suppose I could wait, since the problem only occurs when syncing; it plays fine otherwise. But that means I'm going to get seriously behind on my podcasts. As if I'm not far enough behind as it is. There's nothing worse than a gimpy iPod. It's so un-sexy and un-Apple.

In the mean time, I'm going have to do all my podcast listening on the Archos. I was hoping to reserve that for just audio recording and the watching of legally-obtained (ahem) downloaded video. With the addition of another nerdy device to carry around, I'm fast becoming Techno Bill, a fate I had hoped to avoid. Well, okay, not avoid...but, you know....

Incidentally, I named my iPod "iHop" and once took it to IHOP. Ah, the memories....

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