Hurt Squirrels
Each Screaming Girl Just Hoped That A Yeti Wouldn't Shoot Her
7/6/2006 10:55 PM
Back in the mid-80s Doctor Who was on the verge of being canceled after 20+ years on the air. In response, a bunch of mid-level British pop stars got together and recorded this "We Are The World" sort of thing called Doctor in Distress to try and save the show.

It may be the cheesiest thing the 80s ever spawned and that's saying something.

I had completely and utterly forgotten about this thing until I stumbled across it on Wikipedia. Then the memories came flooding back and I was gasping with laughter. Then....

There at the bottom of the entry...a link to an mp3.

It's GOLD, Jerry! Gold!

This immediately went on the iPod, syncing problems be damned!

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