Hurt Squirrels
Hey, What Happened To Fraggle Rock?
6/1/2002 12:51 AM
For quite some time now, people have been urging me to get HBO. When conversations turn to The Sopranos or Six Feet Under everyone has always been surprised I didn't have HBO. "Oh, you should get it," they say. "You're missing out."

I had HBO ten years ago. I never watched it because they always showed the same damn movies. I could only watch The Butcher's Wife so many times. Sure, there were high points here and there, but they always retaliated with stuff like the Christian Slater opus Gleaming The Cube.

My recent digital cable upgrade included free HBO and Cinemax until the end of the year, so I can avoid those disbelieving gazes for a few months. After I got hooked up, I checked out what they were offering these days.

The Butcher's Wife and Gleaming The Cube.

I shit you not. Amazing. Admittedly, I did enjoy their 9/11 documentary and Eddie Izzard's Dress To Kill. However, they're going to have to hook me with something a little better before the year is up.

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