Hurt Squirrels
Get Me Some Paper
6/7/2002 1:16 AM
The one year anniversary of this blog came and went without a bit of fanfare. Mainly because I didn't even think about it. Not that I would've made a big deal about it anyway.

I only have 104 entries (counting this one), which averages out to two a week. Not too shabby. There are some newspaper columnists who only write one a week. But there are a hell of a lot more that write more than two a week. Still, I'm doing a little better than I thought.

Of course, the Europe travelogue helped pad that number; it counts for almost a fifth of the archives. And it's better filler than this. That's it! I'll take more trips! I'll become the geeky version Rick Steves! Oh damn, I'm too late.

I do have the journal I kept during my business trip to India in March 2001. If you're not careful, I'll spring that on you. Many of the delightful entries read like this: "Day 5. Can't wait to go home." I didn't enjoy the trip all that much.

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