Hurt Squirrels
What's On My Whiteboard
11/15/2001 12:32 PM
  • A drawing of Christopher Robin juggling five multicolored balls while standing next to a keg of "Hunny Weiss"
  • A drawing of Johnny from Freaks
  • A drawing of a recently laid-off co-worker where he's pressing the F1 key and causing Mister Peanut to come flying out of the lobotomy hole in his head
  • Boring work-related stuff about unique numbers
  • A drawing of the previously-mentioned former co-worker, suggesting his new job should be selling lemonade (only 10 cents!)
  • A drawing of another co-worker in her suggested new job as waitress, complete with beehive hairdo and "Kiss my grits" attitude
  • Check marks of how many times I've been annoyed at work in recent weeks (current count: 84)
  • A drawing of a fellow named Outdoor Ed
  • More boring work-related stuff that has been there since 6/16/99
  • A snippet of Perl code to help one decide if they have a cake or brownies -- here it is:
    # Parse $cakemix
    if ($cutup eq "yes") {
    $cakemix = "Brownies";
    } else {
    $cakemix = "Cake";

    # Go to eating subroutine

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