Hurt Squirrels
Giving Geeks A Bad Name
11/14/2001 10:24 PM
I just finished watching Comedy Central's new game show Beat The Geeks. The premise is that they have a panel of in-house geeks that two contestants must best. Each geek is an expert in Movies, TV, Comic Books or Music. You'd think I'd love something like this, but they're trying too hard to make geeks hip and badass. Sorry, no.

My biggest point of contention was the section where the contestants were given a clue and had to guess the geek genre to which it belongs. For example, the first clue was "Apu" with the correct answer being TV. My problem was with the third question, where the clue was "Klaatu." The contestant incorrectly answered TV. The answer, of course, was...Music.

Excuse me?

Any self-respecting geek knows the proper answer is Movies. The Day The Earth Stood Still. Quite basic, really. Instead, the gave the answer Music, because of a Canadian band called Klaatu. That's where their credibility went out the window.

That, and the fact that, with the exception of the TV Geek, their in-house geeks are pathetic. As you can see, I was on the Internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world.

Shame on you, Comedy Central.

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