Hurt Squirrels
Things That Make Me An Angry Vengeful God
7/12/2001 1:03 PM
This story really pisses me off. Some guy steals a dog and sells it to a dumbass 14-year-old prick. When the little toad is told by his parents that he can't keep the dog, he ties it up near a boat launch and the family leaves for a week long vacation to Door County. If that's not bad enough, the small-dicked jackass doesn't leave any food or water for the dog, who subsequently died after about nine days of roasting in the sun

If I were The Person In Charge Of Everything, this kid would be fucked, both literally and figuratively. And being sodomized would be one of the more humane punishments I have in mind. For extra special irony, the sodmizers would be large boxers of both the dog and human variety. Ultimately, I would settle for no less then seeing the young assclown fry in the sun himself. Whatever punishment he does eventually end up with, I'm certain it will not be harsh enough. I'm guessing that's one of the reasons they don't release juveniles' names.

Lucky for him

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