Hurt Squirrels
Survey Says...!
7/20/2004 9:54 AM
I'm procrastinating doing real work, so here's one of those wacky little surveys via Sheila (who got it from someone else).

1. Do you prefer to be out in the sun or in the shade?
Shade. Yellow Face bad.

2. Regarding the walls in your house, do you prefer neutral colors or bright colors?
Meh. Walls are walls. If I actually owned a house, I might care about the color.

3. When hanging pictures on your walls, do you like things symmetric or asymmetric?
Symmetric...I guess. I have too many bookcases and other big stuff to have room for many pictures.

4. How about where you'd like to live; country or city?
As Jonathan Richman once sang, I want the city but I want the country too.

5. Your blog; Blogger, Blogdrive, Blog-City, or another one altogether?
I rolled my own.

6. Email; Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or other?
Gmail and other. I have more email addresses than I have shoes.

7. Air conditioning or just a fan when it's hot at night?
Air conditioning. I would live in a meat freezer if possible.

8. Dinner; seafood or steak?
Seafood. Beef makes me ill, which is a whole different disgusting story.

9. Your all-time favorite music media; CDs, cassette tapes, or vinyl (or 8-tracks)?
What, no MP3? I suppose CDs; I can fit a lot of MP3s on them.

10. When learning a new software program, do you find it easier to follow a book or an online tutorial?
Oh please. I'm a guy. We just blunder through it until we figure it out.

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