Hurt Squirrels
Thanks For Fucking Up Rush Hour, George
7/14/2004 9:16 AM
I'm on my way to work today and as I'm approaching the interchange, I notice a line of cars and a sheriff blocking the way I usually take. I figured it had been closed off because of an accident. Thinking quickly, I changed lanes to take the spur going in the opposite direction; I would take the first exit and use the surface streets. As I headed towards the spur, I noticed another spur blocked off. Strange.

I whiz through the interchange, only to be met with an unusual back-up of traffic. "What the hell?" I thought. It was at that point I noticed the opposite lane was strangely barren. Then the motorcycles came.

About twenty police motorcycles came charging through the abandoned lane, followed by a herd of busses and SUVs. The lead bus was bright blue with BUSH/CHENEY emblazoned across it. Fucker. Excellent timing, asshole. I don't have a hard set time that I have to be at work, but plenty of other people do. You've inconvenienced all those hard-working regular-joe taxpayers in your futile attempt retain power. Every car I saw around me I counted as a vote for Not Bush.

Also, if this was a plan to try and prevent an assassination attempt, it was poorly thought out. I had a clear shot at that bus. Instead, I just yelled "BOOOOO!" and gave him the finger.

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