Hurt Squirrels
Flush, You Pigs!
5/10/2004 12:14 PM
Damn, what the hell is the deal with people not flushing in public toilets? I'm fairly lenient on not flushing urinals, since many are self-flushing and it's easy to forget. What I'm talking about is actual toilets.

Do you people not have toilets at home? Or do you have outhouses, where flushing is not necessary? What exactly is your excuse? I seriously want to know. Especially considering what it is that men use toilets for.

The best is when some assclown takes a dump late Friday afternoon and lets it marinate over the weekend. It's a special treat for that unfortunate soul who is the first to venture in two days later. Being greeted with an overwhelming wall of funk is the icing on the cake that is Monday.

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