Hurt Squirrels
Enjoy Every Sandwich
9/9/2003 2:22 PM
The death of Warren Zevon finally got me off my ass and I got his latest (and very last) album The Wind. Part of me thinks it's a shame I didn't get it sooner so Warren could enjoy my money, but something tells me he wasn't in this one for the money. I do regret, however, not getting more of his albums when he was alive.

The Wind, to me, is a bittersweet farewell to his friends and fans. The fact that he managed to crank this out after he was given his three-month death sentence is truly remarkable. It almost as if it became a sort of life support that kept him going long enough to see it released. Plus, it only adds to the melancholy to know it was entirely recorded while his body burned with cancer.

The last track, Keep Me in Your Heart, especially goes for the jugular. Any Zevon fan that doesn't get at least a little misty-eyed over has had their heart replaced with a cold, hard lump of obsidian. These aren't "woe-is-me" songs; every second of the album is filled with the sarcastic wit that is no stranger to Zevon fans. The message behind it is "I don't have much time left. Yeah, it sucks, but there's not much we can do about it. In the meantime, let's make the most of it and enjoy every sandwich. P.S. your number is coming up sooner than you think."

After listening to this, I made a sandwich and enjoyed the hell out of it.

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