Hurt Squirrels
That Cat Is One Bad Father
6/17/2003 12:22 AM
A couple years ago, Patty and I saw Isaac Hayes in the supermarket. When she mentioned this to her father later, he said, "Oh, the guy from Rockford Files?" We both looked at each other with little question marks over our heads.

"He was on the Rockford Files?" she asked. "You don't know him as...hmm, you know...a singer?"

"I don't think so. Did he do anything I know?"

"Well, there was this little thing called Shaft."

"He was in that?"

"He SANG the SONG! He's also been on South Park for years! I've seen most episodes of Rockford and I have no memory of Isaac Hayes on it."

"Oh sure, he was in a bunch of episodes."

Later, we looked him up on IMDB to find he had a bit part in three episodes. We spent the rest of the night shaking our heads that he would remember that and completely ignore the rest of his career over the past thirty years.

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