Hurt Squirrels
If You Can Read This, I've Moved
4/16/2003 2:53 PM
I've decided to move this web site to a different host. If you can read this, the DNS records have updated properly and you're seeing the new host.

Why did I move? Nothing major, really, just personal preference. The old host ( provided wonderful service and their uptime is spectacular. However, they use Windows based servers, which means I had to do all my little scripting tricks using Active Server Pages instead of my beloved Perl.

Actually, that's really the biggest reason. I just like Perl better. Of course, that means I had to convert all those little ASP scripts I was using to Perl. Fortunately, Perl is bad-ass, so it only took me about an hour. So now all is right in the world.

The new host ( does offer a bit more space as well as a couple extra bells and whistles, but really it all just boils down to the Perl.

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