Hurt Squirrels
What The Hell Is This?
6/5/2001 6:34 PM
[note: when this was originally written, this blog was located at, hence the Pat references. Disregard that.]

An output for me, perhaps? My little corner of this big ol' site? I'm not entirely sure myself. What I do know is that it's something that probably won't have much Pat content, so bail now.

"Then why is it here?" you ask. "It's sitting right underneath that nifty new Pat McCurdy banner." I'll tell you why. Because of Pat, I've met many of you, either by email or (gasp!) Real Life, and I know a lot of us have similar interests. It's just possible you might be interested in what I have to say about a multitude of subjects. Or chances are you're just killing time at work and there's nothing new on the Bulletin Board. Whatever. Basically, it's just a chance for me to write and get stuff off my chest. No, that's not's to get things out in the open. Nope, that not it either. Ah, I's to get stuff Out Of My Mind.

We have a title!

If you don't care for it, well, no one is putting a gun to your head. That banner also contains several links to many fine pages. I'm sure one of them will tickle your fancy. Many of the sites I regularly visit contain pages much like this one, an output for the creator. And in a proud American tradition, I stood up and said, "Me too!" To paraphrase Charles Foster Kane, "I think it would be fun to write a column." Plus, I found this nifty little script that makes it easy, so why the hell not?

How often will I be writing stuff? I have these grand visions of a daily column, but realistically that won't last. For the time being, I'm only going to commit to "whenever the hell I feel like it," a noble and more realistic goal.

What will I be writing about? Whatever the hell I feel like. It's my page. Maybe a movie or book review or a command that you all go out and buy a really cool DVD. Perhaps I'll brag about a cool thing I can do with my Palm. Possibly a memorial haiku, should the occasion arise. Or maybe I'll just tell you about the personalized license plate I saw last night that read "LAF". The possibilities are endless

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