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Animaniacs, Vol. 1
Animaniacs, Vol. 3
Dangermouse: The Complete Series
Doctor Who 005: The Keys of Marinus
Doctor Who 052: The Silurians
Doctor Who 062: The Sea Devils
Doctor Who 067-068: Dalek War - Frontier in Space & Planet of the Daleks
Doctor Who 070: The Time Warrior
Doctor Who 075: Robot
Doctor Who 078: Genesis of the Daleks
Doctor Who 081: Planet of Evil
Doctor Who 084: The Brain of Morbius
Doctor Who 087: The Hand of Fear
Doctor Who 088: The Deadly Assassin
Doctor Who 093: The Invisible Enemy
Doctor Who 094: Image of the Fendahl
Doctor Who 097: The Invasion of Time
Doctor Who 104: Destiny of the Daleks
Doctor Who 112-114: The E-Space Trilogy - Full Circle/State of Decay/Warriors' Gate
Doctor Who 115: Keeper of Traken
Doctor Who 116: Logopolis
Doctor Who 117: Castrovalva
Doctor Who 118: Four to Doomsday
Doctor Who 121: Black Orchid
Doctor Who 123: Time-Flight
Doctor Who 124: Arc of Infinity
Doctor Who 126-128: The Black Guardian Trilogy (Mawdryn Undead / Terminus / Enlightenment)
Doctor Who 131: Warriors of the Deep
Doctor Who 137: The Twin Dilemma
Doctor Who 138: Attack of the Cybermen
Doctor Who 140: The Mark of the Rani
Doctor Who 142: Timelash
Doctor Who 143: Revelation of the Daleks
Doctor Who 144-147: The Trial of a Time Lord
Doctor Who 150: Delta and the Bannermen
Doctor Who 156: Battlefield
Doctor Who 159: Survival
The Educational Archives: More Sex & Drugs
The Educational Archives: Social Engineering 201
Futurama, Vol. 3
Futurama, Vol. 4
Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 4
Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5
Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6
MST3K: Volume 06
MST3K: Volume 07
MST3K: Volume 08
MST3K: Volume 09
MST3K: Volume 10
MST3K: Volume 12
MST3K: Volume 13
MST3K: Volume 14
MST3K: Volume 15
Mr. Show: Season 4
North by Northwest
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Season 5
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Season 6
The Simpsons: Season 11
The Simpsons: Season 12
The Simpsons: Season 20
Speed Racer: Volume 4
Speed Racer: Volume 5
Veronica Mars: Season 3

Holy crap! I want 64 DVDs!