Hurt Squirrels
Move Over Pianosaurus
6/21/2001 11:42 PM
Thinking back on all the things I did in grade school, besides studying, I came up with a great idea for a concept band: make music using only pens and rulers and things like that.

For example, a couple of pencils to beat on various surfaces for a percussion section. A hollowed out Bic pen with holes in it for something flute-like. Stretched out rubber bands for a string section. And then there's the ruler; by placing it on the top of a table and flicking the end, you get a nice vibrating noise. You can change the tone depending on how much of the ruler sticks out over the edge. With a little practice, one could be quite a virtuoso. Maybe something industrial would come out of it.

Coming up with a name is the easiest part. It just SCREAMS out....

School Supply.

And of course, for the Behind The Music fodder, one of the members would die from sniffing glue.

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