Hurt Squirrels
I Went To Europe And It Was Okay, Part 13: Wednesday, December 29, 1999
12/29/2001 4:24 PM
It's laundry day...finally. We used the Rick Steves books as a guide to planning our trip and he recommends bringing only two changes of clothes for a three month trip. Why, you can simply wash them in your hotel sink! The man is a fool. We brought more clothes then he recommends, but it's still not enough for the entire trip. We are quite funky.

We go to a "kind of" self-service launderette; a little old guy is there to start your washer and toss the clothes into the dryer. We walk around a bit as our laundry gets done and have some lunch. Once it's finished, we return to the hotel to put on our fresh clothes.

Amsterdam has become our "recharge" city, so we don't really end up doing a lot. After mulling over our choices of museums and Anne Frank Houses, we eventually decide on nothing. We went all the way to Amsterdam to do nothing. Sure, it seems like a waste to do nothing, but we were doing nothing in Amsterdam. I have no regrets.

Later, we went to the train station to make reservations (required!) for tomorrow morning's trip to London. It took a while, but went smoothly enough. Once done, we took a walk down the Damrak, which is a sleazy Times Square sort of area. There are plenty of shops selling sex and pot related souvenirs and we passed a "sex museum." I'm kind of regretting not going in. Instead, we get postcards that were variations on Van Gogh's self-portrait; ol' Vince as a punk or Rastafarian and that sort of stuff. The stocking cap with the pot leaf was way over-priced.

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