Hurt Squirrels
I'm Cooking With 7-UP!
9/25/2001 1:52 PM
My mom has these ancient cookbooks from before I was born. I have occasionally paged through them and come across some recipes that made me stop and go "Huh?" Food was weird back then. My favorite cookbooks are the ones put out by companies where every recipe uses their particular product.

Finally, someone else gets a kick out of this stuff, and you should too. I heartily recommend The Gallery of Regrettable Food by James Lileks. He has a fine collection of those wacky cookbooks of yore and compiled them into one indigestible volume. It doesn't actually have the recipes, but damn, who would want to make this stuff anyway? Instead, it's chock full o' appetizing pictures of those tasty treats, accompanied with plenty of "Why, God, why?" comments from Mr. Lileks. This is one I've the best books I bought this year.

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