Hurt Squirrels
No, They're Not Kidding
8/8/2001 1:22 PM
I've let the whole Attack of the Clones thing sink in a little. I know the movies are based on old '30s series, but this is really pushing it into Captain Proton territory. However, I think I'll survive. It is just a title, after all. It'll pop up 10 seconds into the movie and then be gone forever. I just want the actual movie to live up to my Star Wars and not be subjected to Kootu Wanderbottom, King of the Clones or some other annoying new CGI character.

On a semi-related note, them rat bastards at Warner Brothers want to release Willy Wonka on DVD in Pan & Scan only. Go sign the widescreen petition and give them a virtual slap upside the head. Feel free to pass this link along. And if you're one of those people who says stuff like "Oh, I don't like those black bars covering my TV screen," you're not allowed to visit this site anymore.

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