Hurt Squirrels
Baked Bean Stuffed Turkey
11/24/2006 12:31 AM
My girlfriend's kid sister Annie is the only one I know who enjoys baked beans as much as I do. While we were waiting for dinner to finish, I suggested a turkey stuffed with baked beans instead of the usual...whatever the hell that stuff is.

Me: Turkey that tastes like baked beans!
Annie: Baked beans that tastes like turkey!
Me: Damn, that sounds good....
Annie: I want some right now.
Me: Totally.
Annie: With Boston Market mac and cheese. That's like a third dessert.

Since we both kind of hate Christmas, we might just hang out at my house with a baked bean stuffed turkey and third dessert and spend the day watching cartoons while everyone else does their usual crapola. God bless us everyone.

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