Hurt Squirrels
What's Your Wrestler Entrance Theme?
2/22/2006 1:43 PM
I'm starting a new blog meme so I can be one of the cool kids. I'd be interested to see if it actually takes off. Anyway, there it is in the title.

For those of you not into professional wrestling, whenever a wrestler enters the ring, some sort of music is played. This usually has something to do with what the wrestler is all about and sets the mood for his "bad-ass-iness". Most of the time it some sort of rousing rock or rap song, which is so popular with the kids these days.

That bastard Homer Simpson stole my first choice -- Why Can't We Be Friends by War -- so now I'm at a loss. Maybe a polka or something with kazoos. Or if I were part of a tag team, it would be It's Raining Men.

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