Hurt Squirrels
Tonight's Movie Will Be My Darling Clementine
8/3/2004 4:03 PM
In the latest Entertainment Weekly, Ken Tucker suggested a new MASH movie, based more on the TV series, with Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell as Hawkeye and Trapper. This led some friends and I to come up with the rest of the cast. Note: since we are MASH freaks, we went ahead and casted every single supporting character; for brevity, I've just listed the main cast and a few notable secondary characters (i.e. no "Marlee Matlin as Honoria Winchester").

Henry Blake - Bruce Willis
Frank Burns - Ben Stiller or Bill Paxton
Hot Lips - Drew Barrymore or Julia Roberts
Radar - Jonathan Lipnicki or Seth Green
Klinger - Eddie Izzard
Father Mulcahy - Damain Lewis

Col. Flagg - Michael Ironsides
Sidney Freedman - Tom Selleck
Rosie - Lucy Liu
Every role Mako ever played - Jet Li

Lindsey Lohan and other Flavors-Of-The-Month could have bit parts as nurses and wounded.

And Special Guest Star William Shatner as The Visiting General Who Is Initially Outraged At The Zany Antics Of Hawkeye And Trapper And Is About To Have Them Court-Martialed When Wounded Come In And Then Recants When He Sees What Fine Surgeons They Are.

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