Hurt Squirrels
Dang Kids
7/13/2003 12:58 AM
The washing machines in my building are broken yet again, so I took a brief trip to the laundromat today. Of course, the requisite screaming children were there. I think they get installed right after the detergent vending machine.

Naturally, one was pushing the other around in one of the carts. You know, the ones with the big sign on them that says "Kids shouldn't sit in these things." I'm paraphrasing of course. Also naturally, their mother did nothing to deter them. In fact, I couldn't even tell you who their mother was. Now that I think about it, their mother may not have even been there.

I liken it to that old adage "There are no bad pets, just bad owners." However, when applied to humans, this is only true for a limited amount of time. Those kids with "bad owners" eventually become little assholes in their own rights.

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That's the problem with this whole modern kid-centric society, dagnabit. I never would've been able to get away with half the shit I see kids doing today. Teach your kids some discipline, dammit!
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I wonder if I could squeeze a washer and dryer in the bedroom....

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