Hurt Squirrels
Ode To A Laptop
1/29/2003 2:21 PM
O, you little grayish-purple wonder
You were mighty in your day
A five gig hard drive and a 450 processor
Dammed impressive, I must say

Alas! one day your screen went awry
Displaying multi-hued colors like an LSD trip
I feared it was time for you die
But wait! Perhaps I could make a fix!

On the Internet a found a clue
It's a common problem with this model
Joy! Rapture! I could fix you!
My computing fun would not be hobbl'd

I unscrewed your screen and fixed the connector
I lost not one screw
I have put in their place all the hecklers
For I have fixed you!

Now your screen glows as bright as before
With visions of PhotoShop and Microsoft Word
Happily, I can use you some more
Though I'm sure Leann would call me a nerd.

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