Hurt Squirrels
Lesson Learned
7/28/2002 9:24 PM
This week I learned that I'm one of the few people left in the world that actually still gives a shit about grammar and spelling. I'm a regular reader of a number of newsgroups and message boards and I'm constantly amazed at the lack of pride people take in their writing. On one such message board which shall remain nameless (It doesn't really matter; pick any board or group at random and you'll see crap writing.), I found out just how aggressively people will fight for their right to be incomprehensible boobs.

On this board, some brave soul actually dared to point out, in detail, someone else's many mistakes. The corrector was then read the Riot Act by several of the other board regulars. I, on the other hand, agreed with the corrector and let my opinions be known. I was greeted with the same scorn and derision. "Who cares?" they said. "It's just a message board. It doesn't matter."

That's where my opinion differs. I feel it does matter. Even if I'm dashing off a quick e-mail that only one person will read, I still make sure it's written properly. If not on a message board, then where does one's writing matter? So what if it's not a term paper or a letter to your Aunt Tilly.

However, this is the only place I'll say that from now on. I'm tired of my opinions being shit upon. Especially when they're right. From now on I'll just grimace silently at the multitude of lazy writers.

So much for trying to change the world.

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