Hurt Squirrels
Let's Have A Kirsten Dunst Weekend!
5/6/2002 1:33 AM
The Cat's Meow finally opened here in Milwaukee, the same day Spider-Man had its nationwide release. Both were movies I have been anticipating and both star Kirsten Dunst. Hey, check it out; TBS is showing Interview With A Vampire! I had a Kirsten Dunst weekend!

I decided to see Cat's Meow first to give the Spider-mania a chance to die down a little. Its based on a true hushed-up scandal in 1920s Hollywood. Kirsten Dunst plays Marion Davies, actress and mistress of newspaper kingpin William Randolph Hearst. (If you've seen Citizen Kane, you have a pretty good idea what Hearst was like.) Davies, however, is also having an affair with Charlie Chaplin, played by everyone's favorite executive transvestite Eddie Izzard. They, and a handful of other Hollywood movers and shakers, are spending a weekend on board Hearst's yacht when one of the guests is murdered.

Those are the only facts that anyone is really certain about. Hearst's influence kept the entire affair quiet for many years. The Cat's Meow is probably not completely factual, but it seems to be a very educated guess of how the events unfolded. If you're familiar with that era, you'll get a big kick out of the movie as I did. Otherwise, you just might think the movie is terrible, like the people sitting behind me. Of course, I have no idea how much they really knew about the scandal. Your mileage may vary.

I waited until Sunday night to see Spider-Man, foolishly thinking it would be less crowded. That was before I found out it had pulled in about $114 million. So, I braved the crowds and the gamble of the UltraScreen. I'm happy to report all went well and I was quite pleased with the movie.

See, it wasn't just a Spider-Man movie; it was a Spider-Man movie directed by Sam Raimi. Amongst all the goodness that entails is the usual cameo by His Royal Chin-ness Bruce Campbell. And speaking of cameos, keep a sharp eye out for a punked-up Lucy Lawless and Stan "The Man" Lee.

And for some reason, I really enjoyed the entire staff of the Daily Bugle. They got all the characters down just right. Like with X-Men, they managed to create a movie that non-comic-reading viewers could easily follow, while peppering it with little nuggets of geeky goodness for the Drooling Fanboys.

Remember guys: drooling over Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man is fine; drooling over Kirsten Dunst in Interview With A Vampire is so terribly, terribly wrong.

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