Hurt Squirrels
I Went To Europe And It Was Okay, Part 19: Tuesday, January 4, 2000
1/4/2002 11:15 PM
Today we got up at 4am in order to get to the airport in time for our 7:30am flight home. We called a cab to take us to the train station and checked out. The driver said he could just take us directly to Heathrow, since the train to the airport would cost just as much. We took him up on the offer.

We arrived at the airport and trudged our way through the check-in. Behind us, a tweedy little man was desperately trying to take charge of the situation and groused about the line while his wife took care of their toddler and baby. We finally left him behind and plopped down in the waiting area for an hour or so. There was a duty-free area nearby, so I killed some time looking around and picking up a few little things. Duty-free shops are almost all cigarettes, booze, perfume and candy for some reason. I grabbed a few more bags of Jelly Babies, since you can't get them in the States.

Eventually, we got on the plane and found that the tweedy little man and his family were seated directly in front of us. Babies on airplanes, whee! Another 8+ hours of tweedy little grousing, whee! On the plus side, the flight was not very crowded and we had the whole row to ourselves.

This plane had little screens in the backs of the seats instead of one large screen up front. There were a couple different channels you could choose from, so everyone could watch their own movie or episode of Frasier. They always show Frasier on planes for some reason; I hate Frasier.

The flight is the usual slice of hell, but uneventful otherwise. We finally touch down at O'Hare, get our luggage and zip through customs. Outside, Patty's mom is waiting for us and we head on back to Milwaukee.

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