Hurt Squirrels
I Went To Europe And It Was Okay, Part 0: An Introduction
12/16/2001 9:06 AM
Two years ago, Patty and I took a whirlwind tour of Europe as part of the big Millennial celebration. Our intention was to visit gob-loads of cities and take in as many sights as possible. While we did manage that, several of our plans didn't quite work out, as you shall see. For the next two and half weeks, I'll be giving a day by day account of our trip, in a sort of a two-year-later-but-real-time sort of thing. Most of the entries will be verbatim copies of the journal I kept at the time; I may or may not punch things up a bit with the help of hindsight and non-jet-lagness. I don't really know yet, since I haven't begun to transcribe my on-the-go scrawlings.

Doesn't that sound fun?

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