Hurt Squirrels
From Hell: My Latest Visit To A Marcus Theater
11/12/2001 1:10 PM
Actually, the movie went just fine for once. There was a small part of me that hoped something would happen because this would've been a pretty good title.

Yes, I saw From Hell this weekend and thought it was pretty good. They did a nifty job of taking all the facts and theories of the Jack the Ripper case and weaving them together to come up with a believable explanation. Like the Hughes brothers, I too saw that episode of In Search Of and ended up reading everything I could find on the subject. There's all sort of little tidbits in there for those who know their Ripper history. I suspect a great deal of that has to do with Alan Moore, who wrote the comic book of the same name on which this movie is based. Oddly enough, I never read the comic.

Mark-Bob says check it out.

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