Hurt Squirrels
Humanity: Scourge Of The Planet
9/12/2001 9:29 AM
So now gas prices are jumping up as filthy profiteers decide to make a profit on tragedy. Based simply on rumors that prices may raise, people began lining up to fill their tanks. It then became a self-fulfilling prophecy when some greedy bastards decided to take advantage of that ol' Supply and Demand thing. Some gas station owners have argued that they've simply raised prices to discourage the flood of panicking customers. Uh-huh. That tidy little profit they make in the mean time is nothing to sneeze at, of course. Perish the thought of actually just shutting down if they run out of gas.

While most stations have bumped up to around $2.00, the sandy little buttholes that run the station a block from my house decided to go that extra mile and set the price to $2.59. Good to see they're embracing capitalism so tightly. I've made full use of their 24 hour store many times; it's been quite convenient. I think, however, I'll go that extra mile down the street to the Open Pantry from now on.

I have noticed a few stations that are not being dicks. Good for them. If you know of any, patronize them, but only if you actually need gas. If you can't find any, check out

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