Hurt Squirrels
Another Day That Will Live In Infamy, Unfortunately
9/11/2001 4:47 PM
Dear God, how humanity sickens me. What really surprises is me is the fact that I'm still surprised by the shit of which the human race is capable. Just when I think we can get more worthless and foul, we manage to top it. It will just get worse as the death counts escalate and the saber rattling begins. Already Us vs. Them rally cries have begun.

Here in Milwaukee, this weekend's Arabian Fest has been canceled. For no good reason and yet all the reason in the world. This whole day has been filled with the absurd yet logical. MSNBC ran a ticker across the bottom of the screen with all the places that were closed, which included Disney World and Mall of America. It's chuckle-worthy but they are valid targets. I didn't feel like laughing much as that long, far too long list scrolled by.

There's more I want to say, so much more, but it's just too big. The whole incident is stunning and unbelievable and overwhelming. As my mind is distracted trying to grasp the meaning of it all, I get sucker-punched by the individual stories surrounding it. Eyewitnesses report a man and woman jumping hand in hand to their death from one of the towers. I saw video of a single person tumbling to the ground. A man speaking to a reporter sent out a plea for any information on his missing wife who worked in one of the towers. These were people like you and me. Think about them. They were tiny and stupid and vicious, but they had potential.

Don't waste your potential. Be excellent to one another.

At the very least, donate some blood.

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