Hurt Squirrels
Three Mini-Reviews
7/22/2001 1:24 PM
I've seen a few movies lately that didn't jazz me up enough to write full reviews on them, so they just get quick mini-reviews. I may be giving away some key plot points (depending on your level of spoiler analness), so look away if you don't want these ruined.

Evolution - Hyperactive alien cells threaten to take over the earth. It was pretty much what I expected it to be. Well, to be honest, it was slightly better than what I expected, but not much. It reminded me a lot of Ghostbusters, which makes sense, as they were both directed by Ivan Reitman. No catchy Ray Parker tune in this one, however.

A.I. - Robot boy goes on quest to become real after being abandoned by his human mother. It's a goddamn Pinocchio story; what a disappointment. Maybe if Stanley Kubrick had actually directed it, it may have been better. That's not to say it's without it's charms. The special effects are top-notch. I keep hearing people say that Teddy creeped them out, but I thought he was the best part of the movie. And, I'm sorry to say, he was probably the most developed and interesting character in the whole movie, with Gigolo Joe coming in a close second.

Also, it could've ended about a half hour sooner than it did. It should've just ended with David staring at the Blue Fairy. Instead, we get treated to the ocean freezing solid (Really?! A fucking OCEAN freezing solid?! I'm not even going to go into the science involved in that one....) and super advanced robots that look like aliens who dig him up and toss him into The Matrix. And I can tell already that a stupid "Were they aliens or robots?" debate will go on for years, as if "Is Deckard a replicant?" wasn't enough. Go rewatch Blade Runner instead.

Legally Blonde - Rich pretty girl uses her impeccable fashion sense to win The Big Case. Basically, it's Clueless Goes To Law School. If you liked Clueless, you'll probably like this one. It's pretty light-weight but mildly entertaining. I was hoping for something as good as Reese Witherspoon's earlier movie Election, but I was pretty certain I wasn't going to get it. I was right. I highly recommend Election; I'll let you make you're own decision with Legally Blonde.

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