Hurt Squirrels
Poor Li'l iPod Part 2
8/7/2006 9:41 PM
The deathly clicking of the hard drive seems to come and go, so I can usually sync up with a minimum of drama. And yet, li'l iHop still seems suicidal. Over the weekend, it decided to firmly lay itself in a spot where the cat is most likely to puke.

Of course, that's fairly easy to pull off, even for an inanimate object. If you knew my cat, you'd know that EVERY spot is one where he's most likely to puke. So puke on an iPod. Strangly enough, that topic doesn't seem to be covered on Apple's web site.

And now the scroll wheel doesn't work. No, wait, it does! No, it doesn't! Oh, now it does again! At least for now. Seriously, Apple, get that damn 80GB one out NOW.

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