Hurt Squirrels
The Sky Is Falling
11/13/2005 2:31 AM
A single-engine plane crashed and became tangled in utility wires in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood on the city's northeast side Saturday evening (full story)

This happened two blocks from my apartment and I didn't know about it for about an hour. I watching a DVD when I heard all sorts of sirens near by. That didn't really arouse any suspicions because that's a pretty common sound in this neighborhood; the length of time I was hearing them was bit odd, though.

Then, there was the increased traffic on my street that made me go "what the hell?" Still, not enough to turn off the movie. Finally, the news helicopter hover above was what made me find out what the hell was going on. I flipped through the local channels until I found the live footage of a plane hanging in the wires. Not quite what I was expecting.

So, I walked down the street and gawked for five minutes. Yep, a plane in the wires. The really amazing part is that (other than the plane and the wires) nothing was really damaged and no one was hurt. That thing came down right in the middle of an alley in a densely-populated area. Wild.

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