Hurt Squirrels
Spring Into Oblivion!
12/13/2004 5:45 PM
It figures. About a month ago, I wrote about one of my favorite web comics, Wigu. A few days ago, Jeff Rowland announced that he would be ending the comic on December 31. Bleah.

However, he mentioned that he would also be start a NEW comic in mid-January. Since he stopped doing the fantastic When I Grow Up to start the even more fantastic Wigu, this could turn out being a very good thing. As I've been consistently entertained by J.Ro for the past five or six years, I'm sure I'll be getting daily laughs from him for years to come. Unless he defects to Garfield.

Also on the plus side, he's still going be doing Overcompensating, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

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