Hurt Squirrels
Sweet Zombie Jesus! Ninety-Fucking-Three?!
6/6/2004 3:54 AM
Since Ronald Reagan had been out of the national spotlight for some time, I had forgotten just how damn old the bastard was. Key-rist!

The young punk inside of me is saying, "Good! Rot in hell, you shriveled old fuck!" However, the more mature and mellow (ha!) side of me is thinking it's a damn shame he had to go out the way he did. Slowly losing your mind is a hell I wouldn't wish on anyone. Seven years short of a century is a pretty good run despite the fact that the last ten of those years probably sucked pretty hard. A long life isn't exactly an advantage in this case.

I suppose I'd get a visit from the Secret Service if I said it's a shame Hinckley didn't have better aim, so I won't.

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