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Never Fear -- Smith Is Here
1/26/2004 1:25 PM
Ah, Lost in Space, how I love thee.

I'm deep in the middle of the first episode of this fine series (set in the amazing FUTURE of 1997!) and I'm amazed at the absolute seriousness of it. It has all the hallmarks of 1960s era sci-fi: the endless technical details of the ship, the tedious countdown,the silver spacesuits, the entering of suspended animation, the lack of personality of the robot, the weightlessness, the harrowing spacewalk and the requisite flight through the asteroid field. Anyone watching this back in 1965 would never expect the silliness to come.

And I'm not the only one who enjoys the silliness. Much to my surprise, I had to go to four different stores to find this DVD set. When I finally found it, it was the last one available. I'm happy to report that each store had plenty of copies of the crap-ass movie; it seems everyone prefers the original over that garbage.

It gets sillier pretty quickly. A few episodes in, we see Will sitting by the campfire singing Greensleeves. What 10-year-old in 1997 knows Greensleeves?

And now the robot is playing the guitar. He's left-handed. Who knew?

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