Hurt Squirrels
And Now A Word From Our Sponsors
5/18/2003 3:10 AM
There are a couple television commercials currently running that bug me. The first is for some 10-10-whatever phone company that uses a poor choice of music. It's the music used in every baseball movie for the past twenty years. It's the majestic I-Just-Hit-A-Home-Run-And-Now-We're-Running-Around-The-Bases-In-Slow-Motion music. You know you know it. That just doesn't say "use the phone" to me. It's as bad as using "Carmina Burana" in a movie preview.

The other one that bugs me is from the series of quilted Northern toilet paper, the one with the animated quilters. In the latest episode, one of the quilters has a dream that a new part-time quilter has joined their ranks, but she doesn't care as much as she should. Basically, she has the attitude of every employee on the planet. To show her disdain and indifference, she blows her nose in the toilet paper, creating gasps of shock from the regular gals. Man, if they ever saw what I did with toilet paper, they'd probably drop dead on the spot.

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