Hurt Squirrels
Geeks Redux
4/24/2003 5:00 PM
I had a visit from royalty yesterday.

No, it wasn't the ghost of Princess Diana, you Candle-In-The-Wind-addled monkey. The King of Television, who was invoked earlier this week, sent a quick note that said simply, "Nice posters." It seems that merely mentioning his name causes him to appear like Satan or Carrot Top. Well, same thing really....

Some of you may know the King better as the TV Geek from Comedy Central's Beat The Geeks. A while back, I wrote a scathing review of the first episode I saw, which I just reread. Yowch! A little harsh. That was written after seeing exactly one episode; since then, the show has grown on me and I'll have to admit I was wrong on most points. The Geeks proved themselves worthy and I realized they weren't trying "MTVify" geekiness. I love watching them shoot down the pretty people who think this is just another thing they can win at. Lousy, preening, no good...oh, uh...I digress. Anyways, well done, Geeks.

But I'm still miffed about that Klaatu thing.

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