Hurt Squirrels
Too Much Too Much Joy
2/23/2003 1:09 PM
My car was broken into yet again. Since I rarely keep anything of value in it, the only loss is the window they smashed to get in. When it was broken into last May, all they got away with was a couple of CDs stashed in the glove box. After figuring out which ones were taken, I set out to replace them. I found out that one of them -- a Too Much Joy CD -- was out of print. Since they're one of the greatest bands of all time, I had to replace it any way I could. A quick visit to eBay and ten bucks later, order was restored to the Universe.

Fast forward to today, as I take stock in what could possibly be missing this time. Again, nothing of value was in the car. The only CDs that were in there were CD-R copies, created just for such an occasion. The plan worked, since not a single one was taken. No drug money resale value, I guess. Then I noticed, laying on the floor, that very same Too Much Joy CD.

"How the heck did that get in here," I thought. "Man! Its a good thing it didn't get stolen again!" After things are cleaned up, I take the CD in the house and reunite it with the other Too Much Joy CDs. There among them is that very same CD.

I have two of the same CD.

Where the hell did this second one come from? A few scenarios have been bouncing around my mind:
1. It's been tucked away somewhere in the car since May, easily found by the thief but not by me.
2. The thief from May hated this CD so much, he broke in to return it.
3. I'm going crazy.

All three are valid possibilities.

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