Hurt Squirrels
We're Missing The Scintillating Dialog!
12/8/2002 3:46 AM
During the height of my Rocky Horror days, there were TWO theaters in the area that showed it. Unfortunately, the one nearer to me was in the suburbs in, of all places, a mall theater. Needless to say, the turn-out was usually small and consisted mostly of "virgins" who came to see what all the fuss was about. Most of the time it was just me and my merry band doing the riffing.

I remember this one showing where the movie began and we started in with the usual song and dance, our group being the only ones doing so. A few minutes in, we hear someone a couple rows back going "Shhhh!" Yep, I got shushed at Rocky Horror. My friends and I exchanged bemused looks and soldiered on as usual. I have no idea if the shusher left, complained to the manager or sulkingly watched as we trod over their precious work of art.

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