Hurt Squirrels
Outwit Nazi Foes In 1/6th Scale
9/25/2002 10:50 PM
I want Hogan's Heroes action figures. A friend brought them to my attention and now I must have them. I found a web site that has a hilarious description that includes the following: "Now you can become a part of the fun as Col. Hogan continues to outwit his mentally outmatched Nazi foes in 1/6th scale."

They also list the accessories each figure comes with. The Most Powerful Milwaukeean suggested that Hogan should come with "Hand Held 8mm Video Camera For Homemade Movies" and "Lamp Suitable For Bludgeoning" accessories. What a card. All I want is a Stalag 13 Playset With Secret Entrance Bunkbed.

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