Hurt Squirrels
Hi-HO! Hi-HO!
5/12/2002 3:24 AM
Ever see that Mr. Sparkle episode of The Simpsons? The one with the bizarre Japanese detergent commercial? Have I got a treat for you.

In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife and Panasonic apparently runs some sort of Internet service called Hi-HO! The commercials feature some little Powerpuff Girls-esque kids running around naked except for their space helmets, touting the amazing services of Hi-HO! At least, that's what I was able to gather from them.

And the song is catchy as hell.

If you have Shockwave installed (and I think most people do nowadays), check out these little gems:
One of the Kaiser's boys goes ice fishing.
Beware the Fugu.
Don't hurt the squirrel!
Giant purple teddy bears giving autographs
Something about a giant tyrannical coin purse....
Sharks and Jedi training, I think.
Rabbits and the dancing Kaiser.
Fishing and a near-death experience.
The legend of Sir George and the Dragon as retold by Hi-HO!
Merry Christmas from Annual Gift Man.

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